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An intelligent decision support tool for strategic and sustainable HR development.

Forecast your organizational capacity - to recruit and develop the right competencies

Imagine if you could predict exactly what capacity your company will have five years ahead. In order to deliver on your business strategy  - and secure your future market position.

Imagine if you could avoid spending valuable time making guesses about future recruitment and competency needs.

With Plato you can. It intelligently analyzes all the data you find relevant and forecast your capacity. This enables you to make qualified data-based decisions regarding how many people to recruit, and which competencies to develop.

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Planners in the Danish Defense needed an efficient method to simulate and give consolidated answers to development within the HR area. They are now implementing Plato to support their strategic HR-personnel planning, simulation and decision-making

With Plato you get data-based answers to questions such as:

Do we have “enough” of a specific competency to deliver on our business strategy and meet future market needs - or do we need to further develop these competencies?

Do we have “too much” of a specific competency?

What is our history in terms of retention? Are we good at retaining the right people with the right competencies?

Who and how many do we need to recruit now and in coming years?

Based on the analysis you can:

Make qualified strategic decision regarding your recruitment and employee development focus.

Develop the right people - and the right skill sets.

Ensure that you have the right team to deliver on your strategy and meet future market needs.

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"Citat fra Politiet ..."

Meet Plato

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How does it work?

Plato intelligently analyzes data on your previous and current employees, combines it with relevant organisational data and makes a predictive analysis of your organizational capacity.

Not only that, it does it better, faster and with more accuracy than any human would ever be capable of.

Hypothetical case example:
How a big hospital used AI-driven analysis to bring down waiting lists and improve job satisfaction.

A big hospital in Denmark were challenged. Their waiting lists were too long, and the job satisfaction at the hospital was low. Especially the nurses felt stressed out, since the hospital had been in lack of nurses for months.

With the help of AI-driven analysis the management found patterns in various types of data concerning their previous and current employees, the patients and other variables and got a valid, dynamic capacity forecast. Based on the forecast they could decide exactly how many nurses they should recruit now - and in two years - and how many to educate. The result was stable staffing levels, shorter waiting lists and improved job satisfaction.

Read the full case here


Custom-made analysis based on your variables

We design every solution to the specific organization, which means that your organization will get a unique analysis based on your data and that matches your specific needs.

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Want to hear more?

We would love to talk to you about how Plato can improve your business and tackle some of your most complex challenges.

Mikkel Normark, CEO & Partner
Mikkel Normark