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What is it?

Key Content Analysis is a powerful analytical tool, that identifies the key content in large quantities of text, images, video or voice recordings.

It is an analyst that never sleeps and crunches large amounts of data at lightning speed, giving you actionable insights in real-time.

Does this sound familiar?

Tedious and time-consuming processes of sifting through various levels of information.

Spending too much time looking for patterns, deviations and insights in different types of data.

Relying on static analysis that becomes outdated.

Spending a lot of resources on structuring your data and information.

A tireless analytical powerhouse

‍Empower your organization with an analyst that

Never sleeps, get tired or needs a break.

Delivers high-quality data-analysis 24/7 - all year round.

Crunches more data than humanly possible and at lightning speed.

Provides you with actionable insights in real-time.

Optimizes your organizational resources in terms of data-analytics, time and money.


Exploratory analysis

Not sure what the parameters for you key content is? Key Content Analysis can analyze and identify the strongest patterns within a large amount of unstructured data, and present its findings in an simplified and readable output. We call this exploratory or unsupervised analysis.

Imagine a talent scout for a basketball team. He watches basketball teams compete and take notes on the players strengths, weaknesses, patterns and strategies. Imagine being able to automate and scale this process - looking for talent across the entire country instead of just a couple of college basketball matches.

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Targeted analysis

Based on your chosen parameters and needs Key Content Aanalysis can identify, structure and present the key content you're seeking in an infinite amount of unstructured data. We call this targeted or supervised analysis.

Like a hunters bloodhound looking for the prey in an overgrown forest with its exceptional sense of smell, Key Content Aanalysis has its own hyper-charged and human-like senses; Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision.

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What can it do?

Not sure how you can apply this technology in your business? Let us hit you with a couple of hypotheticals to get your AImagination going.

pattern recognition
content strategy

Content strategy

Key Content Analysis can help your marketing team understand digital conversations and uncover key business opportunities from massive amounts of text, images, audio and video.

Content, marketing, user research and user data go hand in hand, and it is a field with an ever-increasing potential in our digitized day and age. But can your market analysts keep up? Are you utilizing the full potential of your marketing team? Key Content Aanalysis can help you identify customers sentiments about your product or service, gain data-backed insights about your target audience and much more.

Pattern recognition

Key Content Analysis is an incredible tool for identifying patterns as well as abnormalities or deviations.

Take for example a political party that devotes a lot of time to aligning their representatives communication, position and stance which is distributed in a large network of different media types and across several channels.

With Key Content Analysis the political party can identify the strongest patterns in their communication (i.e. discourses) as well as unknown discrepancies to internally align their political agenda and avoid unwanted scrutiny from the press.

Increased security

Key Content Analysis can also be useful in terms of security. For example, we can use Computer Vision to analyze behavioral patterns from video surveillance to identify dangerous, alerting or unwanted behavior at large venues.

Alternatively, we can use NLP to analyze the internal organizational communication, making sure that company secrets such as intellectual property and secret R&D projects, stay within the appropriate departments - making sure you stay in the charge of the “key” to your content.

increased security

And so much more ...

We can apply this new technology in a variety of different fields, use cases and processes. Your business-oriented imagination is the only limit.

Mikkel Normark, CEO & Partner
Mikkel Normark