Intelligent content analysis that never sleeps

An AI-driven analysis tool to gain insights into opinions, attitudes, trends and tendencies.
For market intelligence, marketing and Public Relations.

With Ensomnia you can

Monitor and protect your brand

Do you know what people are really saying and feeling about your brand?

Monitor online conversations and get the chance to spot negative publicity - and communicate proactively.

Spot business opportunities and threats

Are your competitor’s customers satisfied? Are there any new competitors you should be aware of? And what do potential customers ask for – are there any unfulfilled needs and opportunities in the market?

Identify tendencies and movements in the market and take action before one of your competitors does.

Track the effect of your campaigns

What are people saying about the new product you just launched? Have you managed to create an interest and touch people with your campaign?

Ensomnia helps you demonstrate the results and the development – enabling you to adapt and target your activities accordingly.

Target your content marketing

Would you like to know what industry-related topics people are talking about – what is trending? Any agendas you could tap into in order to strengthen your market position?

Get a data-driven answer to that – and target your content marketing accordingly.

Optimize your influencer marketing

Is it a challenge to identify and choose the right influencers to match your brand? Would you like to measure the value of your campaign beyond counting the number of followers and likes?
Make an analysis of relevant influencers and see which keywords they are associated with. Find out what they talk about, and what they are associated with. Use the insights to choose the right influencer, and to measure the value and effect of your campaign.

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Monthly Subscription

Unlimited number of analyses with up to 1000 mentions.

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Custom Solution

We offer custom-made solutions based on parts of the analysis model, if you already have access to all the data you need to analyse, or wish to use another UI.
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Get a simple, easy-to-use analysis tool

Ensomnia ...

Gives you access to data from all public online media such as news sites, social media, discussion forums, corporate websites and more

Analyzes the data based on artificial intelligence

Presents the key content by category or sentiment

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You get:

Access to historical and current data using active filters of your own choice

The opportunity to customize the user interface to support your goals and organisation

The chance to continuously monitor and follow events and changes in tendencies

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You simply type in the keyword or URL you would like to analyze – click β€œgo” – and within seconds you are presented with key content and sentiments that could potentially affect your brand or industry.
The insights you get enable you to make data-driven business decisions, and to target and gain more from your marketing and PR efforts.

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Analysis tool to optimize your market intelligence, PR or marketing efforts

Ensomnia is an AI-driven analysis tool that identifies key content and sentiments in large quantities of texts across different online media. This includes news sites, customer review sites, discussion forums, corporate websites, twitter, Facebook and other online sources.

Ensomnia consists of three parts.
It analyses the data via APIs.

Interested in other types of content analysis?

Do you need to analyze customer reviews, employee surveys, focus group interviews or something similar? And are you interested in a time-efficient tool to help you do so?

We offer various types of content analysis tailor-made to meet your needs and challenges.

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Mikkel Normark

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