Addressing a rising challenge

More than 95% of all of today’s data has been generated in the past 3 years. Organizations produce, collect and have access to more data than ever thought possible.

The data-landscape is expanding beyond what is humanly possible to grasp. Sound familiar? This is the challenge we here at Analytic want to address. We are AI-specialized data-analysists with a passion for improving businesses.

Our holistic business thinking

At Analytic we practice a holistic way of thinking about tasks, products, solutions and customers, consisting of 3 interconnected cornerstones; technology, strategy and organization.

A change in technology

The use of artificial intelligence, AI, is expanding in all areas, and new AI techniques are developed every day — We specialize in applying these new techniques to ensure sustainable business improvement. The new technology will almost always have an impact on the organization and the strategy.

A change in strategy

A change in the strategy might demand a change in technology. At Analytic we have the insight to understand strategic change and implement artificial intelligence to support the new strategy.

A change in organization

A necessary change in the organization must always be supported by the appropriate technology.