Our company is founded on three areas of competence

The challenge is in understanding how to take advantage of your data, and develop a competitive advantage.
The solution has to be Developing AI systems is not the hard. Our AI engineers are  business.

Clear understanding of client needs.

No good IT product was ever developed without a clear understanding of the client needs.

Strong AI talents.

This is not our challenge. We have some of the strongest AI engineers, who will get this done.

End product needs to fit into established procedures.

When there is clear agreement on what needs to be delivered, we take the last step and make sure the change is received positively by employees.


We have developed a system, which is able to detect and identify the key content in large piles of unstructured text data.

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  • Create structure in unstructures text

  • Visual overview of key content

  • Applicable as a general purpose system for text analysis

  • Core AI engine build upon latest research by Google

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